This is a small macroscript I created that will search for all the lights in a 3ds max scene and will turn OFF any light that is ON. In case all lights are OFF clicking on the Button will turn them all back ON. I created this script for myself to avoid going through all […]


# This is a script that generates permutations, # given a list of outcomes and the size of the sequences. # A permutation is when we calculate all possible sequences where # it’s not allowed to have a repeated outcome inside each sequence. # For example if all possible outcomes are 1 and 2 and […]


This is my implementation for the merge2048 game,
using Python language.
It’s the 2nd Mini Project of the Principles Of Computing Class, Rice University, Coursera, Year 2016.
Note: To be able to run the script you need to copy pasted here:

note: you need to delete the default code you see when you go to codeskulptor then paste this code.